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So, we've had a few questions from THERUMISRED Family about what 'HIDDEN' represents and how it came about… so we've dedicated a post to answering these questions.

What is the concept behind "HIDDEN" and its meaning?

After we released ‘Prelude’ last year we wanted to build upon this message in another collection and we’ve done this with HIDDEN. The concept broadens and captures another key aspect of the brand which is ‘seeing and believing what makes sense to you’. So we took a step back and thought to ourselves that there are so many of us that don’t ‘see and believe’ what makes sense to us and instead live by what society teaches us, what our parents and friends tell us is right, and more generally, life. THERUMSIRED is all about challenging the status quo with what makes sense to you, what you feel is right, and what you truly believe in. For us, that represents following our passion of creating a brand that expresses this message through a variety of different platforms – this being one of them, clothing being another, music and so on. Whatever you feel is right is unique to you, only you have your perspective on life and that’s what this collection is about.

To demonstrate this we decided to use our camouflage print - and you’re probably thinking camouflage is used to hide, conceal and blend-in…exactly! We have reverse engineered camouflage so that ‘you’ don't remain hidden, but instead exposed. The camouflage represents that ‘flux’ that we all fall into when we aren’t doing what we want to do and pursuing whatever it is that makes sense to us, but we do it because we feel we have to. You know when you're working towards your goals and taking those horrible shifts at work, or just coasting through life - that is the 'flux' the camouflage represents.  We all get stuck there sometimes, and thats cool, but we need to escape that and do what it is we really want to do with our lives. This is the reason for the use of camouflage in the collection to show that although we may be living in this flux we will stand out as individuals!  

We suppose that sometimes our talents, our ideas and our dreams can be lost and consumed by the world we live in….HIDDEN. Our purpose now is to challenge that and show the world your perspective. 

Where did the name "HIDDEN." come from? 

It was a collective effort. It was the end of summer, we had created the collection and we were in the process of creating a name, one that would fit and truly get across our message. We thought of a range of different names that could be associated with the purpose of camouflage and 'hidden' seemed to fit best. As mentioned, the idea was to reverse engineer the perception of camouflage and also to do this with the name so that you don’t remain ‘HIDDEN’.

What was the creative process like for this collection?

It was dope! The initial concepts and designs for the collection were created in 'The Loft' (D's place). Everything was set up: couple beanbags, designs up on the projector, notepads, a mac or two, maybe a 2 hour break to play NBA 2k17, Fifa 17 (FIFA 18/2K18 weren’t out yet), and a few Jonny Santana exclusives playing in the background - check his soundcloud (few more bangers to come your way).

Anyway, we knew we wanted to experiment with a pattern so we spent weeks drafting and revising ideas working with camouflage and other patterns, figuring out what garments would work well and how we wanted to drop the collection. Looking back on it, it was fun and we'll be doing the same for our upcoming projects – maybe a collaboration?

How did the "HIDDEN." event tie into the collection?

Tbh, it started off because we wanted to throw a party…and for those who came down, we think it was lit! We wanted to connect with you guys and give you a chance to see some of the samples due to be released a few months later. With the samples scattered around the room, Signature Sounds DJ TJ (@djtjuk) and DJ Broox (@djbroox) posted up in the corner and Jonny Santana (@jonnywsantana) performing before the party popped off, we created a vibe. If you missed this one, don't worry as there will be quite a few next year. You can catch some of the pictures on our instagram - @therumisred. 

So how did it tie in? We chose our venue to be opposite BOXPARK and Shoreditch House because if you walked past the building you wouldn't think there would be a party going on...the venue to the naked eye was HIDDEN. It therefore made sense for us to hold our event here. Not only is our collection an oxymoron, so was our event space. HIDDEN but not hidden.

If you have any other questions about the collection and want to know a little bit more about it then head over to our HIDDEN page or drop us something in the comments below!

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