NBA Finals: Who will be the champion of champions?

Here we go again, another Cavs and Warriors final. The Warriors are two up but it's still early days and the question on our minds is...Who have you got, King James or Chef Curry?


If we're talking Cavs and King James, one thing we can say is that he's been a one-man army throughout the playoffs. You can see it in his face that he wants the ring this year, but is the 2-0 deficit an obstacle too far? If anyone can do it surely it would be him - it is his 8th straight NBA final appearance...thats all kinda madness! Despite how amazing Lebron is as an individual player he could still walk away with an L, especially the way some of his team are choking right now- we all saw the JR Smith madness! If the Cavs really want it, the whole team needs to be hitting top gear and not just their main man. I bet they miss Kyrie now 😏



And if we're talking Warriors and Chef Curry...they have already taken control, and we'd say it's just down to them to seal the deal and get that ring. Their team is talented, they are 2-0 up and Steph is putting on a show for the fans...we can't see any other result right now.


But in terms of closing out the series, we think the Warriors need Draymond Green! Everyone knows the Warriors for the splash bros and KD, but don't sleep on Green, he's defensive minded and can switch on the attack to be competitive in the paint - only thing holding him back is temper. He could pick up some technical fouls in Game 3 or get into an altercation with Ty Lue (again)...the Warriors can't afford to lose you bro, not now. Focus on the win.


If we look ahead towards the next few games it's possible that the Warriors could get complacent allowing the Cavs to steal the win. But hopefully the Warriors can come back and bring it home again - you can clearly see our bias 😂. So if you believe us, slap a likkle tenner on the Warriors and stay tuned for the remainder of the series.

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