New Year, New You?: Pt.2

We’ve endured the never ending month of January and now we’re at the end of February...well done, but how are the New Year’s resolutions coming along? The first few weeks of Jan should have been easy enough right 😏? But now its the end of February and things might be a little different. Following our New Years, New You?post, we thought we'd check in to see how you’re getting on. Are you still going strong with your resolutions, have they dropped off a little or were they left behind in Jan?


Gyms and parks are looking empty (partially because its cold) and some people are struggling to keep up with their new diets. On the flip side, we know some of you are beginning to recognise a few new faces at the gym, the diet/meal plans are stocked till next week, and of course, we're feeling the home workouts on shout out to all of still going strong. One person that we think has a dope New Year’s resolution outlook is Bea Martinho. She did the entire month of Jan living vegan and this month she has challenged herself to drink two litres of water a day - this is just the beginning, she has a challenge for every month of this year. So if you're looking for some inspiration, head over to her instagram (@beamartinho) and her Youtube channel - we'll be interviewing her soon too so keep an eye out for that too! 


But yeah, this was just a quick post to say that if you’re beginning to fall short on your new resolutions, don’t worry, it happens. Just pick yourself back up and go again until you get it. We are creatures of habit, and breaking them can be a tough ask, but if you feel its necessary or its something that you’ve always wanted to do, just do it. The team here at THERUMISRED have been trying a few new things, this blog for example, and its going well, so shoutout to all of you supporting the blog, the content and the clothing that we’ve been putting out.

Oh, and watch out for the icy roads.


One Love.



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