Scorpion: Album Review

Scorpion…the fifth-studio album from the ‘6-God’ Drizzy-Drake. There’s a lot to talk about here, 25-tracks, Drake’s L from Pusha T and Drake’s kid. But we’re about the music and we want to know what your thoughts are on this album. Is it wavy, average or trash? Here is what we think…


We always let an album marinate for a week or two before setting out our view, and overall, the album is good but it’s not Drake’s best work. If you haven’t already listened to the album, you’ll know it’s a two-sided album – A side and B side. Lets start with Side A…


Side A seems that little bit darker and focuses on Drake’s ability to give us long-streams of bars. Its rap-orientated, honest in its content and kinda lit! The album (A side) starts off strong with ‘Survival’, where we hear a focused-Aubrey address all of the rumours - his L, his kid, what he’s been up to and how he’s going to get the summer started. Its an honest approach to opening the album and I loved it. However, what was to follow was not as strong. Here’s a quick review:


  1. Survival 🔥
  2. Nonstop 👎
  3. Elevate  🙂 (Nothing special)
  4. Emotionless 👀
  5. God’s Plan (Radio hit so no comment)
  6. I’m Upset 🚶‍♂
  7. 8 Out of 10 🔥
  8. Mob Ties 🔥
  9. Can’t Take a Joke 🙂(Nothing special)
  10. Sandra’s Rose 🙂 (Nothing special)
  11. Talk-Up (Ft. Jay-Z) 😕 (Waste of a feature)
  12. Is There More 😴(Was ready for Side B by this point)


Is Side A trash? No. Is it his best work? No. The music is still good, but I didn’t get the same feeling I got when listening to More Life, N.W.T.S. or Take Care. This project felt like another version of ‘If you’re reading this it’s too late’. It’s a good piece of work, that’s it…just good. I mean it has only been just over two weeks and I listen to probably 3 or 4 tracks from Side A… the rest sounds like fillers to me so will be played as background music. I remember listening to the album for the first time feeling dissatisfied. Maybe that’s because Drake is such a good artist and always brings something new, something to grip you, but with this album I just didn’t feel that. But remember, music is subjective, it means something different to all of us – that’s what makes it so special.


Lets talk B side….


  1. Peak  🙂
  2. Summer Games 💩
  3. Jaded  🙂 (Sometimes he goes on for too long)
  4. Nice For What (Radio hit so no comment)
  5. Finesse  😴(Lazy chorus)
  6. Rachet Happy Birthday 💩 💩 💩
  7. That’s How You Feel 🌊
  8. Blue Tint  🌊
  9. In My Feelings 🔥
  10. Don’t Matter To Me (Feat. Michael Jackson) 🤔
  11. After-Dark (Feat. Static Major & Ty Dolla $ign)  🌊
  12. Final Fantasy 😎
  13. March 14  😴


Side B, the ‘Drakeyy’ side. This R&B side starts off on that ‘Trust Issues/Marvin’s Room’ type vibe that will have you in your feelings (no pun intended). ‘Peak’, the first track on this side is exactly that. It’s the type of music that will have you miss the girl/man you don’t have, sending a risky text to an ex or contemplating living your best life. But again, like Side A, the album lacks direction and consistency. We’re given ‘Summer Games’ as the follow up track, which I feel is a little weak like the bipolar-Kanye produced it. The first 5 tracks of this side of the tape are average at best – even Nice For What – you need to ask yourself is that really a banger? What really got me about this side was Drake’s ‘Rachet Happy Birthday’…Bro, what were you thinking? I can’t think of many Drake songs that I really don’t like, this is one of them. The remainder of the album is a lot better, but I feel like the MJ track ‘Don’t Matter to Me’ is a little confusing and doesn’t really fit together. Like the Jay-Z track in Side A, if you’re going to put someone like Michael Jackson on the track, it has to be a legendary track – some say you can’t recreate MJ.


‘That’s How You Feel’ reminds me of ‘Can’t Have Everything’ off More Life and the way the Nicki Minaj recording is used is cold! Blue Tint is a big track featuring adlibs from Future, and we can’t skip ‘In My Feelings’ because this song has the summer lit 🔥 ‘After-Dark’ and Final Fantasy…Drake, you did something special with those. Both give off that old-skool R&B vibe with a new-skool melodic structure. March 14 was alright, he had mentioned his son so many times throughout the album, and to be honest, I was over it.


Overall, ‘Scorpion’ is not Drake’s best work at all. As @Jonnywsantana said, it would have been better if he concentrated on releasing a 13 track album with a mix of Side A and Side B. Regardless, the album has gone platinum already and will continue to break records because it’s Drake. I just have a feeling that people won’t be playing this album non-stop (no pun intended) like his others…but I’m not psychic so let’s see what happens.


What are you thoughts, do you agree? Hit us up @therumisred or comment below!


Love from THERUMISRED. Team


Written by @jay.therumisred

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