The Story of How Push Responded...

We said 'Push, where you at?' and Push came back with The Story of Adidon. As music lovers, we couldn't have asked for anything more and for those of you that haven’t already heard it click HERE.


So, what do you think? After listening to both diss tracks you can’t deny that Push is winning this battle…maybe Drake was the one that got duppied or is Push still holding the L? One thing we do know for sure is that in the world of diss tracks boundaries do not exist. I mean, there are so many levels to this track that it took us a few times to appreciate some of the punchlines, catch some of the references and deep the underlying message. But let us start with the artwork. You’ve logged onto soundcloud and are greeted by a young Aubrey in 'blackface' (subliminal no.1) and when you tie that up with the distorted voice singing "my skin is's yellow"  thirty-two seconds into the track (subliminal no.2), we know Push didn’t come to play. By the way, shout out to Push for using Jay-Z’s The Story of OJ bear…too cold!


As expected, Push goes at Drake’s complexion and his music but the diss track surprised us when we heard some of the alleged facts about Drake's parent’s marriage, his “Beyonce” Sophie Brussaux (who, by the way, is a pornstar), their alleged son and bars about Drizzy’s right-hand man/producer 40. What killed it for us (no pun intended) were the bars about 40 - and this has to be said - 40 is one of the waviest producers of our era, but Pusha’s bars are too heartless…


OVO 40, hunched over like he 80, tick, tick, tick

How much time he got? That man is sick, sick, sick

I got the devil flow, nigg*, six, six, six


Can we just take a minute….?


Drake did mention Kanye in ‘Duppy’ and Push hits right back and goes at 40. Now some people say that his bars were a little too harsh because the man is suffering from multiple sclerosis, but as we said before, boundaries don’t exist in diss tracks. What made these lyrics so crazy was the delivery and the fact that Push takes Drizzy’s infamous ‘six, six, six’ sample we heard from ‘If you’re reading this its too late’ and turns it on him - not many rappers can do that so effortlessly, but this is Pusha T we’re talking about.


So now if we look at the scorecard, Pusha T is ahead and he’s ahead by a mile. What is disappointing from Drake is the response on Instagram in the form of a statement (below).



If someone comes at you in the rap game with bars as personal as the ones Pusha T drops, you come back with harder…not a soft explanatory statement about the picture Pusha T used. So maybe Push is right, maybe the music Drake has been putting out these past few years are lies and maybe he’s just a soft guy with ‘Trust Issues’. Like us, you don’t want this to be the end for Drake and with the tables turning we now ask ourselves ‘Drake where you at?'


But just to wrap this up, we know Push did his homework on Drake because the diss-list seems endless and there is still more to come because as Push said, this is Vol. 1 of Surgical Summer. I’ll leave you to interpret that, but in the meantime, enjoy some of the memes we found on social media….


P.S - Regardless of whatever Push/Drake decide to do, just keep giving us the music!

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