Valentines Day... Your Choice

A day created by Hallmark? A day to express love to your significant other? Or just another Wednesday? Whichever way you see it and whatever you do for it enjoy it! If you’re not doing anything, then you’re saving money, and for those of you that haven’t organised anything for Valentines day for your partner or the person you’re seeing/dating/linking then it’s not too late. They might enjoy a quiet dinner in the house, or even just a cheeky Nandos to be honest, just do something you enjoy together  👀. 




Here at THERUMSIRED, we feel like it’s not about the presents, the flowers, the teddies (maybe because we’re a male heavy team, but nonetheless), it should be about spending quality time with those you love, not just your partner or the person you’re seeing. So tomorrow evening (or all day if you’re not working), slap on that slow jam playlist and get to vibin’. With that said enjoy your….


  1. Holiday made by card companies

  2. A Roman holiday tradition you can’t pronounce

  3. ….just another Wednesday




    4A day with the love of your life 



The choice is yours.


One love.




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