World Cup 2018

Four years on and were back again with another world cup and the question on everyone's mind is...who is coming out on top this year? We don't know, but we do know that's it's a weird one. The Orange of the Netherlands haven't qualified, Buffon won’t be able to finish his illustrious career with another world cup appearance with the Azzurri and Zlatan has decided not to party hard in Sochi for the Swedes, yet the show must go on!

We could go through all 32 teams - but we know that you don't have the time to be reading a dissertation on the World Cup, so we'll go through the top teams that we feel have a real chance of winning the World Cup this year, sound good?


Just take a look at their squad. Young. Hungry. Talented. And being captained by Hugo Lloris will bring another edge on their confidence. Lloris has Varane protecting him in the back line, Pogba putting on a show in midfield and Griezmann ready to pull out another Fortnite celebration. This team must be acknowledged! They'll be playing fun attacking football throughout the tournament and likely to bring home the silverware and glory! 

KEY PLAYER: Paul Pogba

In my opinion, he is the man that can either bring success or failure to this World Cup campaign. He was born to be a showman and what stage is bigger than the World Cup? Although he has been criticised for his style of haircuts (and his attitude towards the game) he has shown he can be the best, and if we see a consistent Pogba in this tournament then put your savings, student loan or overdraft on France. Pogba, will make it rain!


These boys are the real deal. The history this nation has in this tournament is not a joke, and although it really didn't go to plan 4 years ago we know that everyone is excited to see Brazil show the world they are back in business. With Neymar's silky skills and Gabriel Jesus' deadly finish this team's attack will terrify any defence.  


The wacky-haired eccentric full-back is the obvious choice as a key player - potentially the best full-back worldwide? Following another Champions League win with Real Madrid, I think Marcelo wants to top that and win the World Cup. His consistent attack, possession and play-maker mentality makes him a nightmare for any team he plays against. We might even get an assist to Neymar for a World Cup final bicycle kick ;)


Now, the Germans are always in and around the finals at any major tournament. They remind me of the San Antonio Spurs because of their consistent appearance in the final stages of tournaments. With that being said, their solid defence with Neuer between the sticks is going to be very hard to break down. Also, Marco Reus is finally making a major tournament - it's been a while Reus so we're all excited to see what you can do. These guys seem to have all the answers but can they retain the title?  

KEY PLAYER: Timo Werner

I really can't wait to see him play. I feel like Germany have been missing a deadly striker in the last few tournaments. Timo is the answer. He’s young, fearless and its every young aspiring striker's dream to score a World Cup Final goal. Watch this space, he is my dark horse for claiming that golden boot at the end of the world cup. 


Out of these 3, the Brazilians are my choice and who I am backing. There’s something about them this year, and led by Neymar I think they will win it. 

If not Brazil then surely the Three Lions 😂😂

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