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About Us

We were just a group of friends.  It was the summer of 2012, and  we had an idea to start a clothing line that meant something to us. 

Our goal was, and still is, to create a diverse brand that caters to your everyday kickback look whilst retaining that premium feel for when you want to switch it up. We have done this by blending together clean-cut premium quality with urban everyday trends. 

THERUMISRED. may have started off as just a name, now THERUMISRED. has evolved into a philosophy. 

THERUMISRED is an attitude to life that acts as a guiding principle of individuality. It reflects the ability to look beyond what we are taught to see and to challenge it with what we see and believe ourselves. What we see is the need for quality and simplicity and we challenge what is mediocre and complex. We do this by expressing this through our designs and product quality.

Our vision is to create something powerful, both visually and mentally. Something bold, something simple, something ‘therumisred’. Together, our name expresses the idea of seeing things differently and doing things differently.

We hope to continue growing organically, collaborating with all art forms to express to what we see and what we feel, and we hope you enjoy being part of THERUMISRED family and our journey.